Stuttering and Speech Therapy Laboratory

The Laboratory of Stuttering and Speech Therapy investigates the neural mechanisms underlying motor and speech disorders of an idiopathic nature, such as developmental stuttering. This objective is pursued using neuroimaging and neurophysiology techniques such as electroencephalography and transcranial magnetic stimulation. The information obtained by this analysis is fundamental to better understand the dysfunctional neural dynamics underlying these disorders which can significantly affect the quality of life of patients. The Stuttering and Speech Therapy Laboratory uses the facilities provided by IRCCS San Camillo Research Hospital.



  • Implementation of new and more effective rehabilitation methods;
  • Use of experimental techniques such as non-invasive neuromodulation techniques in combination with more ordinary behavioural interventions, such as speech therapy, to enhance their effects;
  • Study of the mechanisms of cortical and subcortical interactions typical of these disorders
  • Elaboration of suggestions and models aimed at improving understanding and intervention, also in “acquired” conditions (e.g. consequences related to “stroke” or neurodegenerative diseases) that affect speech and the motor system.
Post-Doc in Neuroscience and Neurophysiology

Lab Team

Principal Investigator

Pierpaolo Busan, PhD

Pierpaolo Busan, PhD


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