Welcome to the Contact Page of the IRCCS San Camillo Hospital, Venice. This page provides you with comprehensive information to guide you to our facility, whether you are visiting a loved one, attending an appointment, or participating in a conference. For your convenience, details on our exclusive water transport service connecting Marghera and our institution are also included, ensuring a smooth and accessible journey.

In case of doubts or questions, please contact us at:

How to reach San Camillo Hospital in Venice?

There are several ways to reach San Camillo Hospital, all depending on where your journey starts. Following, some indication from the most common leaving points.

From Mestre or Marghera

If you leave from Mestre or Marghera areas, you could get the new water connection leaving from Marghera. This means is exclusive to patients, patients’ family members, and employees. The boat from Marghera is free of charge for patients and relatives of these, and at a reduced rate for employees. Following, there is a downloadable map with the indications to get to the boat stop and the time table.

From Venice Lido S.M.E.’s Station

If you leave from the Lido, you can reach the Institute by taking one of these two bus lines: Line A or Line 11 . Both of these buses stop at the Alberoni San Camillo stop, just in front of the Hospital.

From Venice Island

If you leave from Venice, there are many water buses you can get. Take care to double-check that the water bus you take stops at Lido S.M.E. and its direction. The water bus lines that lead to Lido are the following: Line 1; Line 5.1; Line 5.2 and Line 6. Once you arrived at Lido S.ME., you need to get the aforementioned busses, Line A or Line 11 (look above under ‘From Venice Lido’ heading for more details). To see the water bus and the bus stops and the time tables, we suggest you to refer to this site.

From Venice Airport

From Marco Polo’s Airport of Venice you can take the Alilaguna Transport Service. Visit this website to see the timetable and the fares. Alilaguna Transport Service stops at Lido S.M.E.. One you arrived at Lido S.ME. stop, you need to get the aforementioned busses, Line A or Line 11 (look above under ‘From Venice Lido’ heading for more details).



We provide our users with an exclusive boat service connecting Marghera, an area adjacent to Mestre, directly to the pier in front of IRCCS San Camillo. You can download the document containing all the information about the boat service, including schedules and how to reach it. This document also provides a summary of all the ways to reach the hospital, including public transportation options.

San Camillo's Boat Service and General Info to Reach the Hospital

San Camillo IRCCS Hospital: Map and Contacts


Via Alberoni, 70
30126 Lido


(+39)041 2207111  active from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00

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