ATTENTION: Reservations for specialist visits can be made on 041.2207244 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Withdrawals must also be booked at the number above.

Relatives and family members are only allowed to return to the contact after booking the visit on 041.2207597 by telephone.

Users are asked not to enter the hospital in case of even mild respiratory symptoms.

Assistance and recovery with great care

Excellence in motor and cognitive rehabilitation

Attention to our patients

A personal relationship whit medical excellence


The San Camillo Hospital puts a wealth of clinical knowledge at the disposal of to patients who need neurorehabilitative treatments, as well as their families


The San Camillo Hospital promotes professional training and continuous education in medicine in the fields of neurology, physioterapy and speech therapy


The San Camillo Hospital supports and promotes research activities bringing innovation in diagnosis and rehabilitation of neurological disorders


The San Camillo Hospital strives to continuously improve its levels of clinical service and research through the support of philantropists and other donors


The San Camillo Hospital is a clinical and research center (IRCCS) accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health and devoted to the rehabilitation of neurological patients.

Inpatients are treated for a period lasting up to three months. They are primarily stroke patients, but also patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, head trauma, or are in vegetative state.

Other patients with epilepsy, brain tumour, or mild cognitive impairment are daily treated as outpatients.

Over the years, the hospital has been able to create a unique environment where clinicians, physical therapists, psychologists and engineers work side by side with the common goal of improving the quality of life of patients with neurological problems.

Individualised therapies for motor and cognitive recovery


The clinical research activities performed in the hospital help us offering the highest level of diagnostic and rehabilitation service.

In particular, through the advanced technologies and instrumentations available in the hospital, we are able to optimise patient treatment using a personalised approach.

Services We Provide

Biomolecular profiling

Through the analysis of biological specimens like tissues, blood or urine, it is possible to extract multiple molecule (gene, protein, miRNA) expression patterns for diagnostic and prognostic purposes

Brain imaging and electrophysiology

Novel techniques permit to obtain images showing the structure of the brain, as well as its functional activity, supporting the identification of disease-specific biomarkers

Sensory and motor rehabilitation

Advanced strategies for sensory-motor functional enhancement are based on electromyographic biofeedback, electrical stimulation, robotics-aided systems and virtual reality

Cognitive and linguistic rehabilitation

Computerised tools can be used for promoting the creation of associative patterns through compensatory mechanisms, improving cognition and language