Tecnico di scienze biologiche

Elena Pazienza

Elena Pazienza

Biological Science technician



Email: elena.pazienza@ospedalesancamillo.net

Address: Via Alberoni 70, Venice Lido

Ufficio: Laboratory of Rehabilitation Technologies


Elena Pazienza was born in Italy in 1989.

She is a biological science technician since 2009, when she obtained the diploma.

She started in 2010 with an internship at the Molecular Neurobiological Research Laboratory.

The Training And Orientation Internship In Private Health, brought her to become Laboratory Technician Assistant at the IRCCS San Camillo Hospital.

Research interests

Her work is aimed at collecting the data assigned to the researchers for the carrying out of the projects of research and the subsequent drafting of scientific publications.

The data collected are processed and used by researchers in order to produce publications with high scientific impact.

Her main interests and activities are preanalytical and post-analytical procedures of competence for the evaluation of suitability, recognition, centrifugation, aliquoting, storage and preservation, extraction, quantification, disposal of the biological sample (mci, Parkinson, stroke and normal); DNA extraction from biological samples (mci, Parkinson’s and normal); storage of biological material of patients.

Database management and implementation of the Biobank (BBMRNR); extraction, quantification, aliquoting of conserved DNA.


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