Postdoctoral Researcher

Daniela D'Imperio, PhD

Daniela D'Imperio, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher


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Address: Via Alberoni 70, Venice Lido

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Daniela D’Imperio is a psychologist, currently enrolled in the specialization degree in neuropsychology.

She completed a Master Degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2013.

She achieved two abroad research trainings with Erasmus scholarships as master student and, later, as graduated student, at Donders Institute (Netherlands) and Humboldt University (Germany), respectively.

She received a Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Neuroscience at the University of Rome La Sapienza, in collaboration with the University of Verona.

Her doctoral project mainly focused on awareness of motor deficits in neurologic population and additionally on rare neuropsychological disoerders.

During her Ph.D. she spent a short period at University College London (UK).

Research Interests

Daniela is highly interested in applied neuropsychology.

She investigates the neurological disorders causing unawareness for own cognitive and motor deficits.

She combines neuropsychological approach with neuroimaging analysis, in order to give insight into diagnosis and rehabilitation of neurological outcomes.

List of scientific publications:

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