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Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers

Search Line 1

Coordinator: Dante Mantini, PhD

The projects of the 1 line of research are oriented to identify, from biological or neuroimage samples, the peculiar characteristics of a specific disease, for a more accurate diagnosis or for the identification of the most effective treatment.

Neurophysiological basis of behavior

Search Line 2

Coordinator Giorgio Arcara, PhD

The research line 2 projects are oriented to the study of neuronal mechanisms that allow the execution of complex motor and cognitive tasks, which are typically compromised in specific neurologic diseases.

Neuroplasticity and sensorimotor rehabilitation

Search Line 3

Coordinator: Giovanni Pellegrino, MD

Research line 3 projects are geared towards identifying the most effective approaches to stimulating brain plasticity in patients with acquired injury, and optimizing rehabilitative protocols for the recovery of sensor-engine functions.

Technologies in neuroscience and rehabilitation

Search Line 4

Coordinator: Dante Mantini, PhD

The research line 4 projects are geared towards the development and validation of data analysis methodologies that can link behavioural deficits to brain disorders, and the development and validation of new computer/telematic approaches for neurori reproductive treatment.

Neuropsychology and cognitive recovery

Search Line 5

Coordinator (interim): Giorgio Arcara, PhD

Research line 5 projects are geared towards improving understanding of behavioural deficits and their neural substrates, and optimizing rehabilitative protocols for retrieving cognitive functions and language.