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San Camillo IRCCS cerca: psicologo
San Camillo IRCCS cerca: psicologo

L'Ospedale San Camillo IRCCS di Venezia Lido cerca uno psicologo. L’Ospedale San Camillo è un Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico...


Lido in Christmas 2019 – PROLOCO
(minute 6.48 San Camillo IRCCS Ltd.)

San Camillo, the high-tech hospital at the Lido in Venice

U.S. Fund buys San Camillo and Stella Maris. 26 million euro transaction

Interviews with CEO Dr. Mario Bassano:

11/10/2019 | Serivizio Anntena 3 News | The San Camillo hospital is safe

Dr. Mario Bassano explains the acquisition of the IRCCS San Camillo

23/10/2019 Venice Radio TV San Camillo: the new research location.

Interviews with the Scientific Director, Prof. Dante Mantini:

11/10/2019 | Professor Dante Mantini talks about the IRCCS San Camillo

Interviews with Dr. Pigeon and Dr. Cavinato on vegetative states and of minimal consciousness:

Telemedicine and Telerimation with Dr. Agostini:

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