Francesca Bevilacqua

Francesca Bevilacqua



Tel: 041 2207502


Address: Via Alberoni 70, Venice Lido

Office:room 40, level 4, Pav. B


Francesca Bevilacqua was born in Italy in 1973.

She is a neuropsychologist since 1999, with a degree in Psychology achieved in 1999 and a post degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy achieved in 2004.

After 6 years working as Psychologist in the San Camillo Retirement House in Alberoni, Venice Lido, she moved to the Neuropsychology Unit of the San Camillo IRCCS, where she’s working as Neuropsychologist since 2006.

After collaborating in several research projects in her Unit, she joined in 2012 the Biomedicine Research Unit lead by Professor Corrado Angelini, working in the field of the neuromuscular diseases.

Together with Professor Angelini she also organized six editions of the Neuromuscular Days, the annual International Congress held in Venice.

She developed the «MyoApp» for IOS and Android systems, for Patients with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1.

Research Interests

Francesca is primarily interested in investigating the neuropsychological features of Patients with multiple sclerosis, brain cancer, and neuromuscular diseases, in assessing a specific cognitive evaluation and a tailored cognitive rehabilitation for those Patients.

She’s also interested in psychometrics, especially factorial analysis, multivariate analysis of variance and single case analysis.

List of scientific publications:

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