Daniele Marinazzo

Daniele Marinazzo

Statistical Physicist - Visiting Professor


I am a statistical physicist (MSc 2001, PhD 2007, University of Bari) who has always worked side by side with clinical and experimental neuroscientists.

From 2008 to 2011 I was a postdoc at CNRS, University Paris 5, performing in vivo electrophysiology and dynamic clamp experiments.

Since 2011 I am Research Professor of Data Analysis at Ghent University, Belgium. I teach techniques of neuroimaging data analysis.

I am member of the Belgian node of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) and a mentor for Google Summer of Code on their behalf.

I am co-editor in chief of Neurons, Behavior, Data Analysis, and Theory, deputy editor of PLOS Computational Biology, editor of NeuroImage, Network Neuroscience, Brain Topography, and PLOS One, editor of the PLOS complexity channel.

Referee for many journals in the field of neuroscience and applied physics.

Research Interests

I work on methodological and computational aspects of neuroscience research, and on the dynamics and structure of complex systems and networks, mainly but not only the brain.

I have developed, implemented, and validated several techniques and tools for the analysis and modelling of neuroimaging data.

I am a fervent advocate of open science and of the improvement of the science communication process.

List of scientific publications: